New Zealand Itineraries - Frequently Asked Questions


We have received letters from many of our clients over the years. We share some excerpts from the letters below.

“We returned recently and I would have to say the whole trip was an 11 (on a scale of 1 to 10). Once again, folks have it figured out just right (3 days of fishing and then a lay day to travel and rest up)....The trip you folks set up for us was absolutely perfect, lots of variety in fishing waters, guide personalities and lodging....who could ask for more?”
D. Bannerman

“Powder blue glacier fed lakes, gin clear spring creeks, sparkling clean rivers and most importantly “huge” trout. It's all true... A lot of your fishing success depends on the weather. New Zealand has some of the most unpredictable weather I have ever seen. That is where a good guide becomes invaluable. I would swear that Rob and Jana's guides have PHD's in meteorology. The guides know where to take you to get out of the wind, small sheltered streams or in areas with upstream wind direction... My New Zealand guides were first rate.”
P. Smith

“Your recommended hotels and bike tour company were all wonderful. We enjoyed pretty good weather, had a few superb rounds of golf, terrific fishing and the biking was particularly nice. We enjoyed the wine country even more than we expected...”
K. Hagen

“Our two guides were absolutely wonderful fishing companions, very knowledgeable, helpful, provided all the flies, leaders, tied all the knots and even untangled the leaders and retrieved flies from the bushes. They treated us like special guests, very polite and superb fish spotters.”
D. Wands

“We have had excellent feedback from guests about your travel arrangements and advice, and your ability to adapt to flexible arrangements.”
M. Taylor

“We hated leaving, we hated coming back to winter, we have all had terrible adjustment problems and it's all your fault for making the trip so much fun for us.”
J. Augur

“It is the ultimate travel book on South Island fishing opportunities and contains all you need to know to make a visit worthwhile. If you select only one book on South Island fishing, Brown Trout Heaven would be it. No other is as comprehensive or as colorful.”
P. Shutt


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