New Zealand Itineraries - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time difference between the USA and New Zealand?
The time difference between USA east coast and New Zealand is most easily remembered, as the USA east coast is a day behind and 6 hours ahead of New Zealand. In other words, if it is 12 noon on Thursday on the east coast of USA it is 6 AM on Friday in New Zealand. (This accounts for Daylight Savings Time in both countries.)

What is the New Zealand currency and exchange rate?
Currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar. We suggest that you exchange some money at the airport in Auckland and there will be an opportunity to exchange additional dollars while in Auckland and throughout the country. ATMs are located throughout both Islands. Most locations accept major credit cards. The exchange rate changes daily.

What is the electrical supply and plug type?
New Zealand operates on 230/240 volts, 50 hertz, hairdryers, shavers, video recorders, digital cameras, etc. will require a converter and a plug for New Zealand. This plug is different from those used in Australia. Most laptops are equipped with a transformer that allows you to plug in with just the proper plug, but check with your computer manufacturer for exact information.

Is there cellular phone service in New Zealand?
Ask your cell phone carrier, most new cell phones can be programmed to function in New Zealand. You can also rent a cell phone in the Auckland airport. There are also phone cards available for purchase if you plan to make several calls. Collect and credit card calls directly through a USA operator can be made by dialing 000911 for AT&T operator.

What type of weather can we expect?
New Zealand has a maritime weather pattern. Inland locations are no more than 70 miles from the sea. Generally fronts arrive from the west, off the Tasman Sea, and thus the west coasts of both major islands tend to be wetter than the east coasts. Late December and early January are early summer, February mid summer and March into April is autumn. As you travel from north to south, temperatures tend to be cooler, as you are moving away from the equator.

What type of clothing is necessary for our travels?
We suggest packing light (laundry service is available at most hotels), layered clothing is best, and you may want a small day pack to carry rain jackets, umbrella, and personal items. You will need an overnight bag or small rolling case, to take on board any overnight cruises in the Sounds.

What are the allowances for carry-on and checked baggage?
The most restrictive airline regulations permit two checked pieces per passenger for which the total sum of the linear dimensions (length + width + height) of both should not exceed 106 inches or a maximum weight of 44 pounds. One piece of carryon luggage is allowed per passenger for which the linear dimensions should not exceed a sum of 41 inches or a maximum weight of 15 pounds and shall fit completely underneath an aircraft seat. Each passenger is limited to one quart size clear plastic bag for lotions, gels, etc. (3.3 oz. per container) in carry-on luggage. Differing baggage allowances may apply, depending on program carrier. Baggage allowances are subject to change by the carrier without notice. For additional or oversized /overweight pieces, excess baggage charges are expensive and not included in your trip price, so you should plan your wardrobe accordingly. Liability is clearly stated on the passenger contract. In no event shall liability exceed the actual loss incurred, subject to proof of the amount lost.

What about cancellations?
In addition to airline cancellation penalties, all cancellations for any reason whatsoever will be subject to a $150 per person cancellation fee. Cancellation from 104-61 days prior to departure will result in forfeiture of 10% of the entire cost of the trip per person; 60-31 days, 30%, 30-16 days, 75%. Cancellation from 15 days up to the time of departure will result in forfeiture of the entire cost of the trip.

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